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Nana, Nani, Nano 

Cut-out, 4’04”, 2014

Film Director: Konstantin Brilliantov.

Script: Konstantin Brilliantov.

Artist: Konstantin Brilliantov.

Animators: Ksenia Chiganchikova, Galina Belinskaia, Olga Simonova.

Sound producer: Artem Fadeev.

Production: SCHOOL STUDIO SHAR, Lyubov Gaidukova


Konstantin Brilliantov's Quotation:

I have always been inspired by artistic research, and while shooting "Nana, Nani, Nao" I plunged into it.  I felt like a small fish which is helplessly floundering in the ocean of options and opportunities. One of my main self-imposed objectives was to limit myself in techniques, narrative, and visual solutions, and create an expressive minimalistic picture. I experimented with painting on the glass, with manual cut-out technique – till once, waiting for the operator and jumping with lighting around the animation desk, I accidentally tried to highlight the cut-out pieces from below. They immediately ceased to be flat and lit up, all the excessive details were gone! I only had to come up with a realistic effect of water, something not too simple and straightforward. I found the right effect with rice paper, which had both the necessary texture and transparency. Where the paper fits tightly, everything could be seen clearly, and when it came off a little, the image became blurred. So in motion this turned into a rather realistic water vibration! Oh, how much trouble I caused animators with my innovations.


The exhibition presents sketches for the film, as well as some objects created and used while shooting.

Watch the film "Nana, Nani, Nao":

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